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I am an urban photographer, specialized in street work and live situations.

Living the Paris scene for many years, fall in love for this wonderfull sity through my lens.

Specializing in editorial photography of street life and urban scenes. my photography conveys the spirit of the place with an emphasis on its character from unconventional perspectives. captures the angle and the moment, emphasizing the maximum naturalness of the set.

My passion is Paris, its history, architecture, people, its culinary and vibe. my work emphasizes atmosphere authenticity and conveying experience and emotion.

I have no interest in fake porcelain postcard photographs of Paris, they are many. I reflect the roughness and the natural state of every frame.

Professional education:
Graduate of professional studio photography study at the Technion institute of technology IL.


​An authentic photography of the never-ending city of Paris.

No directing, no artificial lighting. real moments of Paris as it is

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